rottweiler - illustrated standard

Correct Rottweiler image standing

The American Rottweiler Club has published "The Illustrated Standard of the Rottweiler", which, through illustration and commentary, is intended to help breeders, exhibitors and judges better understand correct and incorrect features of the total Rottweiler, thereby achieving greater uniformity and consistency of type. For the full text of the American Kennel Club Standard for Rottweilers click here. Individual copies of The Illustrated Standard of the Rottweiler are available by sending $15 in check or money order to:

Thora Thibaut
Illustrated Standard
1250 Sheckler Cut Off
Fallon, NV 89406-9206

Following are some samples of what you will find in this 31 page booklet.

The back is firm and level, extending in a straight line from behind the withers to the croup. The back remains horizontal to the ground while the dog is moving or standing. There should be no dip or roach, either standing or moving, as the back must serve to transmit the power generated by the rear quarters for follow through to the forequarters. Rottweilers which display either sloping or high-in-rear toplines are incorrect.


Incorrect Rottweiler toplines

The Rottweiler is a trotter. His movement should be balanced, harmonious, sure powerful and unhindered, with strong forereach and powerful rear drive. The motion is effortless, efficient and ground-covering. Front and rear legs are thrown neither in nor out, as the imprint of the hind feet should touch that of the forefeet.

Rottweiler in correct gait

In a trot, the forequarters and hindquarters are mutually coordinated while the back remains level, firm and relatively motionless. As speed increases the legs will converge under body toward a center line. As a working dog, requiring both agility and endurance, the Rottweiler should move in a straight line, exhibiting a smooth, rhythmical gait. In order to achieve this straight line of travel the dog must have proper balance of fore and rear quarters.


Incorrect Rottweiler gaits